Monday, February 17, 2014

my happy place

I don't have a happy place… but I can certainly create one.

 I am currently 78.2% complete on Project: Kalel's Happy Place, and I am feeling quite satisfied! …or should I say, happy? haha :P But yes! Things are comin' along! 

So this is my desk area. I got the desk for $70 at a flea market, and painted it lilac. My computer is covered in crazy little kawaii stickers (which I justified doing because I chipped my computer screen during moving, *sad panda* but oh well, let's put a shit ton of stickers on it!!!!!). I use a cute little notepad as a mousepad, and I typically write some kind of inspirational message on it… since it's basically a fucking miracle if I get out of bed each day. Inspirational quotes are like my fuel; they just keep me going… hahaha. Then we also have a REALLY old antique lamp, which, actually doesn't even work- but I love it. It sits on top of my treasured Walt Disney biography. He is my ultimate idol… his work ethic is just insane. Then I also have some gel pens in a silver cup… a ridiculous My Melody calculator from Tokyo… my weekly to-do list… a Tiffany's box which I keep paperclips, etc… Then just some fashion books, stationary, knickknacks, markers, candle (my beloved Pineapple Creme Puff, OMGGGG)…

Oh and then there is Misa! My little alpaca. She's not a real Alpacasso. When I bought her, I was under the impression that she was… but she's a fraud. Still cute, and I love her… but I hate supporting companies who are ripping off other designers. BURN IN HELL!!!! hahaha, I'm so sweet. But anyway, she originally came wearing a tacky-ass leopard scarf, but I helped a girl out and cut that shit off and gave her a shiny mint bow. 

My stool is a little too wide for the toddler-sized chair space that my desk provided me with… but it works. I got it from etsy and I loveeeeee it. 

That's about it for my desk area. It sits in front of a window, so soon I will be hanging curtains behind it. But my curtains are a DIY project. I plan to do a video on them, but it will probably be awhile! There's just so much that I'm trying to get done right now. Today, I went and bought 60 yards of soft white fabric and am preparing to transform my room into a fort. I am VERY excited for this. Crossing my fingers that it works out.

Friday, February 14, 2014

love and candy

bears + chocolates = true love

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I hope you guys are out doing something festive and fun on this beautiful day! Although, I'm thinking that I'm going to be really boring and just stay in. HAHAHA :P

I've been feeling really overwhelmed lately, just trying to stay on top of things. I'm the kind of person, where if I have something major that I'm trying to do (finish decorating my apartment) I CANNOT FUNCTION until it is complete. It is so ungodly hard for me to do ANYTHING else; it's a real internal struggle. Obviously, I can't just spend a full month cooped up inside, online shopping and organizing my jewelry… so I've forced myself to continue my life. But it is so hard for me to focus while living in a "non-perfect" environment. It's about 75% complete, so I'm getting SO close that I'm frantically trying to finish, that way I will FINALLY be able to put my main focus on things that truly matter. I just become SO drained when I over-stimulate my mind, and try to tackle too many things in one day (which is basically every day). It's reached a point now where I get so into trying to complete my to-do list, that I forget to eat. Then I remember and eat, like, enough food for three people. That's healthy. 
Wow. You guys just became my therapist >_<

Anyway, back to Valentine's Day!!! So yes, I am being an old fuddy-duddy. No fancy dinner. No magical plans. Just the two of us, cuddling and watching movies. Maybe some candles and candy. But that's what I like. I mean, I can appreciate a good hearty date. But I'd really rather just stay in and be comfy. I'm only 24 and I'm already so over getting ready and going outside of my apartment. How will I be in 20 years? hahahaha… I'm scared. 

What are you guys doing tonight?? *^_^*

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

because who doesn't love a little crazy?

My collection is growing!!!

I absolutely love V.C. Andrews books; they are such a twisted guilty pleasure. I read the famous Dollanganger series (aka, Flowers In The Attic) a few years back and just tore through it!!! There are a total of 5 big books in the series, and I think I read them in a couple weeks. I was ADDICTED. The story is really, really dark and messed up. Am I weird for liking such things? Maybe. But so did millions of other people… so whatever, hahaha. I mean, it's definitely no 50 Shades of Grey, but it's still a really fucked up story. (sidenote- I've never read 5SOG, but since I saw an ad for the movie, I ordered the first book the other day. I fear for my life. I've heard it's complete horseshit, but since I DO tend to like weird stories, I think I will enjoy it. Plus- who doesn't like a little erotica? hahaha). Anyway, if you don't know the basic storyline of Flowers In The Attic, it's about these four kids whose mother locks them in the attic for years. That's all I will tell you. But if you're into weird, twisted stories- you will love this series. And don't just read the first one! Read all five!!!

Since reading the Dollanganger series, I have been getting into the other series, even though V.C. Andrews didn't actually write the other series. She died shortly after the release of the Dollanganger series and hired a ghost writer to continue her legacy. However, I assume that she had left many notes on the concepts for the other series. And they are quite similar to her first. Currently, I am reading My Sweet Audrina, and I am SOOOO into it. I love the writing style and just the weird, WEIRD story. V.C. Andrews actually DID write this book and it is the only title that she released as a single novel, not a series. 

Do you guys know of any other strange, dark books out there? Do I have any fellow odd balls reading this blog? hahaha. Or have you guys read any of the V.C. Andrews series? Which was your favorite??

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


"This that 'all night, get dressed up' shit..."

VEGAS. For the past fews days, that is where I've been. And things got crazy. But probably not as crazy as you're thinking. But still- pretty crazy. We actually went down just to see the Britney Spears show, but thought, "heeeeeey, we should party a little bit!". hahahaha :P

The Britney concert was amazing. It was so surreal to see the legend- that is, Britney. MY CHILDHOOD IDOL. When she first appeared, I stopped breathing for .5 seconds. She looked AMAZING! The only shitty thing was- I'm 99.5% positive that she lip-synced the entire show. We were kind of sad, but it was still a wonderful experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything! There was one moment, in particular that we were just 5-6 ft from Britney. CRAZY.