Monday, June 30, 2014

kitschy kitchen

welcome to my little kitschy kitchen *^_^*

I'm not sure why I've waited so long to post a photo of my "kitchen" (I use the quotations because it's not exactly a kitchen, but more like a wall that has cabinets and then a table plopped in front of it) but it is my very favorite area of my studio. It is just so happy and cheerful!! Especially with a proud little pip-pip sitting in front of it! :P

Like all of my furniture, I bought this stuff DIRT CHEAP and then refinished it with some primer/pastel paint. I loved the idea of everything being mis-matched; so I got each of the chairs/table from different places, and painted them all different colors. The tablecloth is vintage from ebay and the cushions were very cheap on amazon. Oh and the flower centerpiece is just some pink/yellow roses that I glued into a half-sphere (although they used to border a gorgeous vintage teapot, until my devilish cats got rambunctious one day and broke it, hahaha). I also scattered some artificial rose petals on top of the center of the table, to really pull it together.

In other news, I just got back from Vidcon the other day... which was BANANAS. I was able to meet sooooo many of you, and it really touched my heart. I'm so happy that I can make you smile <3

Monday, June 23, 2014

neon pop

Just a little "pop" of neon.

This is a very basic look, but there is something refreshing about it. I feel as if it has a "sporty" vibe with the bold "jersey-style" tank, loose shorts and perforated wedges. However, it is still very feminine with the accessories. It's fun! I like mixing styles to create something a little different.  

Here's the details:
-statement necklace, J.Crew
-black tank, Zara
-neon shorts, BCBG
-small side-bag, Marc Jacobs
-white/gold cuff, Henri Bendel
-perforated wedges, Steve Madden

Friday, June 20, 2014

wedding planning

-and so it begins.

Ahhhhhhh... the stress, that is, wedding planning. WHERE DO I EVEN START?! Don't get me wrong, this girl loves to plan; I'm extraordinarily good at it (maybe even too good)... I probably should be doing it for a living. hahaha :)


So I started my holy binder this week. The planning was kicked into action the moment that I found this lovely binder at J.Crew. You can't see the inside lining here, but it is white with metallic gold dots (drool-worthy). I also picked up a few wedding magazines, some sheet protectors, post-its, tape and my favorite pens. Then I got to work (and by work, I mean shoveling snacks into my mouth) ^o^

I've actually made some great progress. I'm 95% sure that we have our venue! Which is HUGE (not literally, figuratively... although, it is quite large). It's actually the thing I have been most concerned about. Even though the wedding is over a year away, this is LA, people! And these venues get booked faster than you can say "oh, I really want that one!". But not only that, I was also concerned because I had a VERY specific idea in my head. But this place is just so perfect. 

I don't even want to think about the dress yet. 
So don't even ask me. 

So for the past few days I have been working on this binder... and it is INSANE. We're talkin' 200 pages of shit that I need to conceptualize, sketch, research, book, etc. And I can't decided if I'm excited about it (and mildly in-denial) or just flat out stressed. Luckily I still have plenty of time, so I think I'm mostly excited. But starting later really wasn't an option for me; between college + 30 hours of homework/week, designing/overseeing the construction of our future home, vlogging (typically about 5-6 days/week), managing my blog/videos, spending quality time with Anthony, and socializing with friends... there really isn't much time left for vigorous wedding planning. So I NEED to space it out, slowly. And I just KNOW that this shit is going to take me 2,000+ hours. I mean, just making a halloween costume typically takes me 100+ hours... so a wedding?? Yeah, that's going to take an eternity. #DatPerfectionistLyfe

So about that binder... haha. I have a REALLYYYYY good system going. I was thinking about making a small video series about wedding planning on here. Would you guys be into that or bored by it? I was thinking maybe I could do the first one about my planning system and show my binder/how I'm managing my time. Then maybe some others talking about crafting things (I'm hand-making A TON of stuff for my wedding), the details of our wedding (colors, theme, invitation, etc.) and who knows what else. I'd also REALLY like to do a post about "How Do I Know If He's Really 'THE ONE?'". I've been reading so many books about relationships/marriage lately, and I really feel the need to pass this information on to others. It really opened my eyes and I think it could help so many women. 

Well, this is long. 
We shall talk more wedding stuff, soon! *^_^*

Saturday, June 7, 2014

rainbow eyes

rainbow = love.

THESE ARE MY VERY FAVORITE SUNGLASSES OF THE MOMENT. They are life. I just look at them, and they scream "Summer!! Rainbow Snow-cones! Happiness!" :)

So I discovered these bad boys a few weeks ago, as I was casually strolling down the aisle at Target (totally NOT there for fashion shopping, btw... STRICTLY picking up some necessities and food :P). There was only one pair, and it happened so fast. It was like a movie- camera pans to my face, then to the glasses, then closer to my wide-eyed face, then back to the glasses... and then I snatched them. 
I love them SO much. 

If you're wondering, this is a little photo from my coffee table. I have my sketchbook, my D23 magazines, these ADORABLE little Benefit coasters that I may have "taken" from a Benefit event, an empty macaroon box, some ice cream playing cards annnnd a jar with some silk roses.