Tuesday, April 15, 2014

diy dreamy fort

Welcome to my little world of stars and dreams…

When I first moved into my apartment, I knew- I had big plans for this space. I wanted to do something a little on the unconventional side; something DIFFERENT. So, I bought 60 yards of cotton, one very long string of lights and some various craft supplies- and set off to work! This project ended up taking me quite a long time. There was a lot of troubleshooting involved, but in the end, I made it!

Also, I'd like to address some concerns people have about the safety of this project:

 It is VERY important, if you do this, that you buy lights that DO NOT get hot. Even so, when you string the lights, make sure the light does not touch the fabric directly. The lights I bought from Amazon (link here) are very nice and do not put off any heat. I leave them on for about 5 hours each day and they do perfectly fine. Therefore, I do not consider this project to be a fire hazard. There is no fabric over by the stove, and the fabric hangs very high above where any candles would be lit. HOWEVER- obviously this isn't an "ordinary" room set-up, so of course it's not exactly practical. But, I just wanted to do something fun! I only plan on living here for another year or so, so it's quite temporary.

But I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the making of my dreamy little ceiling. It is truly magical and brightens up my days (and well, quite literally- my nights).

Monday, April 14, 2014

spring cleaning… my body

I'm cleanin' out my closet…bodyyyy!!

I'm not even gonna front- when it comes to nutrition, I am AWFUL. Although, I AM fortunate to have a crazy metabolism which keeps me thin; I have been very skinny, most my entire life (I say most, because during puberty I had this very random year of chub, still can't figure out where it came from… oh and I was also the world's fattest baby… but I don't think that counts). But because I have been "blessed" with this metabolism, I've always felt like, "Oh I can eat whatever I want!"..."Oh I can eat fast food 5x/week!" but really- it needed to come to an end. It was like… I felt as if I was going to be one of those young people you hear about on the news, who died from a sudden heart attack in their sleep. That's how awful my eating habits were! *sigh*

But it's time to take control of my life!!! (That statement just sounds so… dumb. Obviously I have control of my life. But somehow, not really. I'm a slave to laziness!!!) For the past couple weeks, I have really made a 180 with my diet. I have been getting WAY more protein, which is very important for vegetarians/anemic folks (check, check) and also, WAY more fresh food. So what is my secret? (LOL, most people don't need a secret for being able to nourish their body properly, but I'm special) But really, this is a great trick that has changed my life. Are you ready?

I don't know why I've never thought of this before! But I think it's quite genius, for multiple reasons:

#1: Grocery shopping is quick & easy (although you do need to go once a week) and you never have to worry about your food going bad in your refrigerator! You only need to shop for 20-30 ingredients, which is WONDERFUL. AND you can cut that lime and KNOW that you will use that other half tomorrow. (I have thrown away so much bad produce over the years, it makes me sick to think of the wasted money/food)

#2: Cooking becomes easier and easier. After you cook something 7 days in a row, you really get the hang of it. You begin to master techniques, which spices to use, how to cook something properly, etc. All of my recipes are 15 minutes or less so it's a breeze!!

#3: No deliberation over what to make. Now, this one might just be me- but I REALLY struggle with trying to figure out what I want to eat each day. So much in fact, that sometimes I just keep putting it off until I'm drooling. But by knowing what you're cooking each day, ahead of time, you have no worries!! 

#4: You can eat healthier, and it's EASIER. Usually, when it comes down to the wire for grocery shopping or choosing what I want to eat- I make poor choices. But by planning my meals ahead of time (and KNOWING that I must eat this for 7 days in a row) I make clearer and HEALTHIER decisions for myself. 

So as you can see- I deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for inventing such a genius dieting system. Forget the Atkins, or "South Beach" diet… let's do the "Kalel Diet!!" LOLOLOL

But in all seriousness, this method has really enhanced my life. I've been thinking about making a video showing some of my simple 15-minute recipes, would you guys be interested in that? They are all vegan, fresh (mostly raw), high-protein and quite healthy! I'm not a CRAZY health freak, but I do try really hard to eat things mostly from the earth that aren't processed or filled with sugar/salt. So let me know if you'd be into that! 

Oh and if you're curious what the photo is- it's an acai bowl that I made. They are my favorite right now! *^_^*

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that my comment regarding my "surprise that I'm not diabetic from the insane amount of sugar I consume" is inaccurate. I apologize for my ignorance on the matter. It's just that I always see those posters that say things like "drinking just one soda a day increases your chance of getting type 2 diabetes by 22%". Also, it doesn't help that as a child my mother would always try to take my candy away by saying "You're going to get diabetes!!" I guess she was just pulling my leg. But regardless, I apologize. I understand that diabetes is a serious thing, and it was never my intention to come off as taking it lightly. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

kawaii addiction

One can never have too much kawaii-goodness in their life. 

I think I have an addiction when it comes to Japanese stationery. I have SO much. But… but… I never really use it! I will use the paper pads for writing my to-do lists, but the really fancy stuff remains sealed. I think it's more of an "art" collection than something I buy for actual use (I'm really smart with my money). I mean, I would LOVE to use it- but I don't think I have any friends who would appreciate a nice little letter on some cute stationery. Maybe I will find a use for a it someday, but for now- I just admire it's beauty. Do you guys collect anything?