Sunday, January 26, 2014

sick bunny

I is sick bunny. *hops like a bunny into bed*

After a hectic month filled with moving and stress... now I'm sick. Whyyyyyy? I'm not sure what I have exactly, I imagine a cold of sorts, but I am FREEZING. So naturally, my big, fuzzy bunny socks have been a magical help. But the worst part is, I'm the type of person who refuses to stop everything when I get sick. I'm still working, and I just cannot lay in bed all day when there is so much I need to get done. But, I might go relax in bed once the Grammys come on! hahaha :P

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Just thought you'd all like to know... I got my Dippin' Dots! hahahaha :P

If the seven year-old me could see this box of Dippin' Dots in my apartment right now, she would drop dead from excitement. All the favorites: Banana Split, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate- even Cotton Candy and Birthday Cake! My life is complete. What a glorious day.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

paintin' all day, errday

If I never have to hold a paint roller again, that would be grand.

So, what have I been up to since we last spoke? Hmmm... well I-, no... oh! I-, no... yeah, all I did was paint. I've been painting for about... 40 hours? 4 days, 40 hours of painting. So much fun! I was actually kind of delusional in the beginning and was all, "Ohhh yeah, painting party!!! I'm going to have so much fun painting and listening to music!" -_- But it never ends up that way, now does it? Painting becomes a chore in a matter of minutes. 

However, now that everything is done, I am soooo happy. In total, I think I painted ten pieces of furniture? And if you've ever gone through the process of restoring/renewing old furniture, you feel my pain here. The sanding, the priming, the painting, the SECOND coat of paint and the sealant-- x10!! *sigh* But the good news is, it looks amazing (video to come, I don't want to reveal my room yet!) and I got ALL of my furniture/paint/supplies for under $1000. TEN PIECES OF BEAUTIFUL PASTEL FURNITURE FOR UNDER $1000. SCORE. Although, I easily performed $1000 in manual labor... hahaha. 

In other news, hmmm... I still don't have internet or cable. *cries* My life is so hard!!! haha :P But I would really like to have cable! Kardashians premieres tonight (don't you judge me, I like guilty-pleasure reality TV!) and Baby Daddy just premiered the other night! I need my TVVVVV. OH!!! And, and, annnnnd- you guys, I found out some life-changing news yesterday. Are you ready? *clears throat* You can now order Dippin' Dots online and they will deliver it to your house in a little cooler. Just let that soak in for a minute... ... ... ... I KNOW. I typically don't eat any ice cream other than vegan ice cream, but THIS IS DIPPIN' DOTS, folks! It is the best thing in this entire world. So I ordered 12 pouches, hahaha. The only shitty thing is, you can't keep these in your freezer, they have to be stored in a dry ice cooler. So basically from the time they deliver to you, you have 48 hours to consume. I don't think I'll have a problem with that, but I DO wish that I could keep a massive stockpile in my freezer :'( #ImFatAndDontCare

I realized that that sounded hella sponsored. It was. They paid me $5000. Thanks for reading! ^_^ If you order, please use code KALELGETSMO'MONEY. LOLOLOL. Just kidding. Although, that would be my dream sponsor. *thinks* Maybe they will read this and be like, "We LOVE you! We want to give you free Dippin' Dots for life!!" What a dream.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

bath toys

This may or may not be in my bathroom...

I'd have to say that the very best thing about having a little place of my own... I get to be really childish and girly. Because, let's face it- I still have the heart of a six year-old girl; I love cute toys, dolls, stuffed animals, stationary, pastel pajamas and lacy little dresses. So more or less, my studio is probably going to end up looking like a toddler's room! But heeeeeey, it makes me happy. I think of it like this- I want my room to be magical. And what's more magical than childhood innocence? This is my vision, imagine it with me: tons of fabric on the ceiling, like one big, magical "fort". hundreds of string lights, like a carnival. little dangling bits and bobs- glitter stars, feathers, paper cranes. pastel colored vintage furniture. cute stuffed animals and dolls adorning my shelves. tea cups. candles. you see it? It's going to be so magical. I've never really had this level of creative freedom, so I'm very excited to see what I can create. 

Anywaaaaay, so this is a Calico Critter set (or originally known as Sylvanian Families) and I am way too obsessed with it. Many people think that these originated in England, because they are VERY popular over there. However, they were actually created in Japan! Which obviously explains why I'm cuckoo over them. I first came across these critters many years ago, but recently rediscovered them at a local toy store and just fell in love. Although, it was like... "I loveeeeee this!!! But... what would I do with it?!" *ponders* *tries to think of reasons* *cries internally upon realization that it's not practical for a 24 year-old woman to buy $100 in small animal toys created for toddlers* 

But now, I have my own place... and that means I can do whatever I please! MUAHAHAHAHA. I actually have a few more scattered throughout my room, but I just loved this one for the bathroom :P

Friday, January 3, 2014

full house loveeeee

I cannot even tell you how long I have wanted this box set.

 I absolutely adore Full House. And can we talk about this packaging?!? It is the cutest thing ever!! So, the other day, I saw it sitting on the ground at Best Buy and thought to myself, "Shit! I've been meaning to buy that FOREVER. I should just get it! Right? I should get it!". But then I was all, "Ugh, Best Buy is usually pretty pricey on stuff like this... maybe I should just get it on Amazon.". There was no price tag. Hmmmm. And then, for whatever reason, I went against my instinct (which seriously never happens), and thought I'd take it to the register and ask how much it was, even though I was confident that it was going to be $20 more than what it was listed as on Amazon. AND THEN, YOU GUYS, A MIRACLE HAPPENED. The cashier told me it was $42.99. NO WAY. It's $149.99 on Amazon. My eyes seriously got so big that I imagine they looked as if they were about to pop out. I was so excited. And that day, I think I learned a valuable lesson.

Your instinct is not always right. Go against it sometimes and you might be surprised.