Friday, April 25, 2014

cozy nightstand

My cozy little bedside table *^_^*

As plain as it is, I really love my cute little nightstand decor/arrangement. I think it perfectly showcases my personality (girly, cozy cottage/country, disney, books, extreme organization, etc… haha). And yes- I drink from jars. Maybe it's my country roots, but I really love drinking from jars! They hold more water than most cups and they are freaking cute, so quit hatin'!!! :P

So if you're curious about all the items I have up here, (because I mean, why wouldn't you be?)  I will go over them! My adorable "oil-lamp" is from Lamps Plus- it is so nice. I love how it has a little tiny bulb on the bottom glass, as well as the top glass (not currently on). Then we have my glasses, a photo of Anthony and I, my favorite Dior lip balm, my jar o' wawter (country accent), remotes, books I'm reading (The Happiness Project, The Fault In Our Stars, My Sweet Audrina), Raspberry Peach Macaron candle annnnnd a little tiny Alice.

I also know that some people have commented on the exposed brick in my studio and said that they didn't like it, but I LOVE it! Even though it doesn't match my cottage/sweet/carnival theme, I kind of like that weird contrast! I think it works :P

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing yet ANOTHER sneak peek of my studio design. It's SO close to being done. I'm very happy that I finally feel as if I'm able to go back to focusing on more important things in my life ^_^

Friday, April 11, 2014

kawaii addiction

One can never have too much kawaii-goodness in their life. 

I think I have an addiction when it comes to Japanese stationery. I have SO much. But… but… I never really use it! I will use the paper pads for writing my to-do lists, but the really fancy stuff remains sealed. I think it's more of an "art" collection than something I buy for actual use (I'm really smart with my money). I mean, I would LOVE to use it- but I don't think I have any friends who would appreciate a nice little letter on some cute stationery. Maybe I will find a use for a it someday, but for now- I just admire it's beauty. Do you guys collect anything?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

disney dreams


The place where dreams were made...

The other day, I went on this unbelievable tour of the original Walt Disney animation studio/lot. It left me feeling so inspired and awe-struck. There's just an insane amount of history on that lot… and I walked all over it! haha :P But really, it was truly an experience. Walt himself designed the lot and was there most every day! I even walked past his old office… it was just NUTS.

As for my outfit. OK. I may be mildly obsessed with rompers (or "playsuits") for the spring/summer this year. Seriously, you will be seeing me in them A LOT. They are so easy and comfortable, but EXTREMELY chic. And, they make your legs look 34897 miles long. When I first looked at this photo, I was like- DAMN!!!! My legs look infinite!!! (keeping in mind, I'm only 5'4… but I DO have super long legs for my size) But really, I promise it wasn't riding up my coochie- as much as it may look it! hahaha >_<* 

Here's the details:
-cat-eye sunglasses, Chanel
-pendant necklace, Anthropologie
-lace romper, Pins + Needles
-O/S cardigan, Banana Republic
-gold belt, Banana Republic
-bow bag, Kate Spade
-espadrille wedges, Tory Burch

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

side table goodies

My little girly side table- it is love.

It's so simple, but my side table + decor is one of my favorite areas of my entire apartment. I got the table for $15 and painted it peach, threw on a $1.99 lace doilie, some books, a box of caramels and candle- and BAM! Perfection.

Speaking of my apartment, it isssssss *deep breath* 88% complete. SO CLOSE. Just tying up the loose ends!! I need to craft some curtains (or something that resembles a curtain), buy one last piece of furniture, hang some photos… and that's about it! AW YEAAAAH! I'm so happy with the turnout, can't wait to show you guys everything! I will try to do a tour within the next few months ^_^